Get Sprig from CO-OP

Virtual Account Access Via Mobile App, Online Portal & Text.

Sprig is a free service from CO-OP that is a virtual credit union for members to conveniently access all of their accounts, including accounts at different participating credit unions. Sprig provides an entirely new way to access your accounts though mobile apps and an online portal. A few limited features are also available with Sprig text banking.

Sprig is based on the concept of a "wallet," which you create using one of your credit union accounts. Once you have a Sprig Wallet, you can add more accounts to it, from as many participating institutions as you wish.

Sprig is an extension of a shared branch that allows you to perform shared branching transactions wherever you happen to be--at dinner with friends, waiting in the grocery checkout line, or in the comfort of your own living room.

With Sprig you can check balances, review transactions, locate a CO-OP shared branch, and transfer funds instantly between accounts in your "wallet" all from your Android phone, iPhone, iPad or PC. You can even deposit checks by taking a picture with your Smart Phone. Transactions occur in real time and usually show up within minutes (credit union hold policies apply).

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